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Our Mission ... to deliver a timely successful project completion that exceeds environmental standards, and cost objectives.  How?.... Provide high technology dredging solutions by virtue of (1) careful planning of prudent project objectives, (2) prerequisite deliberate analysis of site conditions, (3) acquisition of permits and/or compliance with regulatory guidelines, and (4) execution of a dredging and disposal operation that meets all required success measuring criteria and cost objectives.

We Offer Peace of Mind - Dredging QA/QC & Marine Technical Expertise

Your "Green Technology " Dredging Solution is Our Goal

We bring you what you would expect ... The best possible dredging operation execution with full assurance of governmental compliance to statutes that protect our water and wetland resources.  Further, we provide professional experience in the following disciplines:

  • Regulatory Compliance, Plans preparation, conflict resolution, wetland delineation and permits acquisition;
  • Topographic, Boundary, Riparian & Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping Solutions;
  • Specialized and Customized Dredging & Disposal Solutions and associated BMPs;
  • Rigid Compliance to all Section 10 & 404 permit conditions and utilization of BIM Technology (Civil 3D) for Quantities Compliance to Plans
Bottomline is ... WE CARE.  Our goal is to satisfy your dredging needs while assuring all environmental issues are properly addressed, and our world's environment, wildlife, and habitat is properly balanced in the process. 

The environment and sustainability is always on the mind of Bob Macomber, CEO of SoCal Dredging, Inc.  Bob has regularly practiced efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound maritime dredging and upland construction operations.  These efforts include, but are not limited to the following: (1) evaluation of the adverse physical conditions of a site, (2) a project's soil and/or rock condition, and most importantly, (3) the dredgeability and definement of potential delay factors in an attempt to avoid potential unforeseen physical site conditions.

Please see the BACKGROUND tab for clarification of Bob's professional background and achievements.

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